PayBright Payment Plans

Pay in 3 and up to 12 monthly installments for purchases from $200+ with PayBright*

Technoworld has arranged for PayBright to offer convenient installment plans where you can buy now and spread out the cost of your cart over time.

Click here for a list of PayBright qualifying items. Select and Add to cart, fill your billing/shipping information and click on PLACE ORDER. You will be redirected on the PayBright website to complete your credit application and select your favourite instalment plan.

More reasons to shop with PayBright payment plans on Technoworld


Instant Decision

Enter a few details to get approved, and shop right away.


Checkout Right Away

Place your order right away using your one-time PayBright approval.


Easy Payments

PayBright will automatically debit payments from your bank account.

How do I apply for PayBright payment plans?

Using PayBright payment plans to pay for your purchase is easy:


  1. Select the PayBright option on the device you wish to purchase and add it to cart in our PayBright platform.
  2. Fill the shipping/billing form with your data and Place Order, you will be automatically redirected to the PayBright website.
  3. Complete PayBright Short Application for the device.
  4. If approved, you are instantly given a PayBright maximum amount that you can spend on Technoworld website, valid for one purchase, and the details of the current purchase.
  5. Your order is now complete.

For in-store purchases only on qualiying items

Frequently Asked Questions – PayBright Payment Plans

Where can I use my approved credit limit?

Your PayBright approved credit limit can only be used on Technoworld website if requested through our website. Standard credit check required. 

Can my approved credit limit be used multiple times?

No, the approved credit limit is a one-time use and can only be used for a single purchase. To make another purchase using PayBright, you can generate another approval by clicking on the link in the email or text message you receive from PayBright and following a few short steps. 

What happens if I have multiple items in my cart?

Your PayBright approved credit limit can be used for one single purchase payment on Technoworld website, regardless of how many items you are buying with that purchase.


How do I use my approved credit limit?

You can use your approved credit limit when you check out on our PayBright platform. 

What is the limit on my approved credit limit?

You can use this approval for one purchase of up to your approval amount. PayBright will fund your account with your approved amount and the approved credit limit card expire immediately after you use it.

Will my payment plan terms be adjusted after the actual purchase amount?

When you apply for a PayBright plan, PayBright shows you the expected installment payment amount and other payment plan terms based on the device purchase amount including taxes andshipping cost. There will be no changes to the agreed instalment plan. PayBright will email you a copy confirming your final installment amount and all the details of your payment plan.

What happens to any unused approval amount? Does it expire?

You can use PayBright to make a single purchase that is less than or equal to your approved amount. Your approval amount with PayBright will remain valid until the first time you use it or or expires. Once the approved amount expires, you will nedd to apply for a new one by repeating the purchase procedure. 

What happens if my second purchase is higher than the amount on my previous approved limit?

If your current purchase amount is higher than the amount on the previous approved credit limit, please apply anyway as PayBright will evaluate a higher credit limit based on the first purchase successful repayment. Approval for higher amount is not guaranteed.

Where can I find my PayBright info after I apply?

To access your account, PayBright will send you an email and text confirmation with a link to your account. Click the link to access your account.

How can I access information about my installment amount and terms?

You will get an email from PayBright confirming your payment plan terms and installment amount. More information on the PayBright website here.

What happens if I chose to return my purchase or receive a refund from Technoworld?

If you return your entire purchase or receive a full refund, your PayBright payment plan will be cancelled and you will no longer owe anything for the purchase. If you have already made a payment on your purchase, the payment will be returned to the same account you used to make the payment.
If you return only a part of your purchase or receive a partial refund, the refunded portion of your PayBright payment plan will be cancelled and you will continue to owe the balance. Your installment payments will remain the same, but your payment plan will be paid off sooner as a result of the refund.
In the event of any refund, you will receive an email from PayBright confirming the transaction and the amount you still owe, if any.

I have a question. Who do I contact?
Contact Technoworld for questions regarding your purchase. Contact PayBright for questions regarding your credit, by calling 1-877-276-2780.

Some conditions apply and all transactions are subject to approval by PayBright. Your monthly payment amount and the interest you will pay depend on your personal credit profile. Monthly payments may include a processing fee of $1 to $9 depending on the amount of your purchase.

Example for a $3,000 purchase at 9.95% interest over 12 months